Gereli Marble & Granite


Dear Gereli Family,
I can’t tell begin to tell you how much Rich and I like the granite in his kitchen. It truly is a work of art – “mother nature” doing beautiful things. We have the tile floor. Backsplash was tiled this past weekend and now we are waiting for the appliances. We look forward to having the house completed so we can have all of you over. We both thank you for your generosity and friendship. We look forward to many more great things to come with you all. Many thanks!"
Sincerely, Brian and Kristal

"Dear Gereli Family,
I can’t tell you how pleased I was to return from vacation to find my new granite topped work station. The Gialo Fiorito is the perfect compliment to the tiled floor and backsplash. I look forward to you visiting our design center so you can see how nice it looks. I am exciting that we’re working together again and are referring clients to each other. Our partnership is very important to me. I appreciate your generosity and thoughtfulness."
Sincerely, Janelle

"I want to thank you for the beautiful GT granite table top. We are actually using it in the office and the store looks great with our sofa and painted furniture. We truly appreciate your business and friendships."
Sincerely, Rich

"Dear Serkan and Cara,
I want to express my appreciation for the wonderful way in which the two of you, the other members of your family and your entire staff assisted my wife and me in the process of redoing our counter tops. In one specific, your suggestion that Steve Savage would be able to remove and replace the tile above our backsplash made it possible for us to choose the color we wanted without settling for a combination that really would have required pretending we didn't see the angular blue accent tile that clashed with the mariachi granite. Steve, by the way, works quickly, with great expertise. He is very concerned about doing things well and doing things right and wonderfully skilled at solving virtually any household construction problem one can put to him.
Everyone we worked with at Gereli Marble and Granite seemed to go out of your way to help us. You not only helped us in every way to make the right choices but, in addition, you showed hospitality of spirit that, in my experience, was unique in any business transaction. Though I declined to accept your offer to share your French fries when I interrupted you lunch, the genuine spirit of hospitality you expressed touched me.
The young man who came to measure for our counter top was extremely careful and thorough and it showed when the counter top was delivered. When your workers installed the order everything fit to perfection, even where it was pieced.
It would be an understatement to say I was impressed by the professionalism and quality of the work done by the men who installed the counter top. They were absolutely thorough in making sure that joints met to perfection. Your workers spent a good part of their time using shims to get the countertop perfectly seated with our old cabinetry. The result is that the appearance of our cabinets has been raised several notches. Where the counter top, because of its length, needed to be pieced in one place your staff worked until there was not the slightest disparity in the flow of the surface from one piece to the next. The caulk line where the pieces are joined would never be seen if you didn't know where to look. The same is true of the caulking for the back splashes. They are caulked so perfectly that the counter top and back splash almost seem to be of one piece.
Everyone one of your workers, as well as Steve Savage, who did the demolition and plumbing showed great concern for treating out house with care not to cause any damage and to make sure that, when they left, everything was cleaner than when they arrived.
Finally, taking into account the high quality of your relationship with me as your customer and the high quality of the work you did, I was very pleased with the cost.
Thank you for making working with you a true pleasure."
C. Thomas Holliday, and for my wife Susan Goff

"Our granite counter tops were finished to perfection and our selection perfectly matches our decor. We certainly are pleased to have selected your company.
It was our pleasure to witness true craftsmanship at the installation. Mus­tafa Gunduz is an artist who obviously enjoys perfection. He and his helpers worked like a well-rehearsed team.
We also had the good fortune to have, at your suggestion, John Alverez and his crew prepare the kitchen for the installation and then re-connect all serv­ices. John was on-sight during the entire installation and it was apparent that he and Mustafa work nicely together.
Ours was not a simple job! The cook island top had to be cut on sight. We are thankful to have had two very dedicated men on top of every detail. You are to be complimented to have such men working for you and we thank you for your service to us."
Guard JV. Trahan Burke, Va